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Discovering the beauty of his creation

The Eagles Nest Ranch horse program is a ministry that has been a blessing to campers and guests at ENR for decades. By riding and working with our horses, campers of all ages can experience many physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

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Your support ensures that campers will continue to experience God's creation through the ENR horse program. Let's continue to hear testimony after testimony of campers finding God through horse ministry!
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our herd


Doc is our short, sweet and spunky little horse! He likes to jump cattle gates in his free time. He has a star on his forehead, because that is what he is! But don't let his size fool you, he can run really fast! And because is so small, he is easy to give hugs to and to brush! At camp, he is a favourite. Join Doc's fan club today!

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Sugarfoot is a beautiful sorrel mare with a sense of humour and a big heart. She can be sassy and sweet! She likes to stick her tongue out for selfies! She likes to wear fancy shoes too - which is very fashionable. She also has a long list of admirers: people and horses alike. The white strip down her face is also quite stunning. She is friendly and sweet which is why she has a big fan club and a full-time sponsor! Join Sugarfoots fan club today!

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Cricket is our loyal chestnut mare. She has been there and done that! Because of that, she is a delight to our new riders. Her smooth trot gives the most wonderful pleasure rides. She may take a while to warm up to you, but upon the presentation of a horse cookie, you will have found a new friend! Just $90 per month will cover the cost of her horse medication. Join Crickets Fan Club Today!

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TC is a handsome Curly horse! That means he is hypoallergenic! He is a buckskin which means he has a cream-coloured body with black legs, mane and tail with a black stripe down his back! He is ENR's youngest horse and he just joined the Ranch family in 2022! He is gentle and is the most cuddly of all our horses. Join TC's fan club today!

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Our team

Leina Reinhardt - Program Coordinator

Volunteers/supporters - Les Derksen, Keith Kowalsky Jamie Coleman, Jim Peterson, Cambria Malcolm, Jillian Dostie, Larry and Susan Granger, Tibi, Jolayne and Emma Domain, Markus and Lori Sawatsky, Andrea and Anjali Webb

Volunteer & Sponsor - Jamie Coleman

meet leina

Leina has been the glue that holds the ENR horse program together. Without her, the program wouldn't be where it is today. She has given countless hours to ensure the program keeps running. Everything from taking horses to vet appointments to training wranglers in our leadership program, she makes it happen!